How to Use Tameawu to Get Money

How to Use Tameawu to Get Money

How to Use Tameawu to Get Money We have already talked about the spiritual uses and the spiritual benefits of Tameawu in a previous post. This

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  • How to Use Tameawu to Get Money

We have already talked about the spiritual uses and the spiritual benefits of Tameawu in a previous post. This is why I have dedicated this one to solely talk about how one can use this powerful herb to get money and favours. So stick with me to find out how to use Tameawu to get money and redeem you from poverty.

 What is Tameawu or Miracle Leaf?

Tameawu is an African succulent herb which is known to do many wonders both physically and spiritually. It is known as Miracle Leaf in some parts of the world whiles others calls it Leaf of Life due to certain characteristics it posses.

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Tameawu Botanical Names/Other Names

There are many name for tameawu in different parts of the world. In some parts of the world tameawu is called Resurrection plant, Never Die plant, Air plant, Miracle leaf, or Life plant; Tameawu botanical name is Bryophyllum pinnatum or Kalanchoe pinnata or Kalanchoe brasiliensis and belongs to the plant family Crassulaceae.

It is also called Odaa opue in Ibo, Ewe Abamoda or Odundun in Yoruba, and Da bu si in Chinese.

Someone ask me today if I know the Ewe name for Leaf of Life or Tameawu plant and honestly I don't know so if you have an idea, kindly tell us in the comments section below so that we can update it.

How to Use Tameawu to Get Money

There are many uses of the tameawu leaf; both physical and spiritual but to use tameawu leaf to get money, then you will have to follow the instructions below.

  1. Get 10 tameawu leaves
  2. Watch them to remove dirt.
  3. Take one tameawu leaf and say your wish on it.
  4. Put it in your pocket or handkerchief.

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How to Use Tameawu to Get Promotion at Work Place/Office

How to Use Tameawu to Get Money

How to Use Tameawu to Get Money

Are you looking for promotion at your place of work or office but it doesn't seem to reach you even though you are hardworking and dedicated? Use the Tameawu leaf and follow the steps below.

  • Get one leaf of Tameawu
  • Wash it clean
  • Speak your desire onto the leaf
  • Put the leaf in your pocket or wrap it with your handkerchief.

This herb is so powerful that it can do anything for you with your own command. It can even help you against your enemies that’s why is known as the “hate me, die” leaf (Tameawu leaf).

Method 2: How to Use Tameawu Leaf to Get Money

Alternatively, you can follow the guideline below if the first method did not work for you.

Items You Will Need

  1. Tameawu leaves (in odd numbers greater than 1)
  2. Florida water
  3. A ring that can fit on your left thumb
  4. GH¢50.00 note
  5. White cloth
  6. Red candles
  7. A clean room or environment (with no distractions)

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Many people ask if the tameawu leaf is juju. This is something spiritual but not juju or voodoo. It has it own implications when you do things wrong. So be careful to follow the instructions as given below.

  • Spread the white cloth on the ground where you want the activity to take place.
    Light four red candles at the four edges of the white cloth.
  • Half fill water in a large size bowl and light the two remaining candles and put them in the north and south direction of the bowl.
  • Pour half of the Florida water into the water in the bowl.
  • Get some Tameawu leaves in odd numbers greater than 1. This means that you can pluck 3, 5, 7 or 9 Tameawu leaves.
  • Put the ring and the Ghc50 note in the water at the same time.
  • Visualize the things you want in your life whiles whiles making a verbal statement about it in a low voice.
  • Once you are done visualizing and making a verbal statement about your desires, take the ring from the water and wear it on your left thumb.
  • Wash your feet with the water containing the Florida water and the Tameawu leaves.
  • Now take the money from the ground and put it inside your wallet, purse or anything you keep your money inside.

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Importance of Following the Steps on How to Use Tameawu to Get Money

When you wash your feet with the water from the session you went through, you are literally washing away poverty.

The wearing of the ring on your left thumb means you just got married to money and that you and money are couples (partners for life).

The taking of the money from the ground signifies how easy you will make money.

NOTE: If you have no good intentions, you must stay away from this spiritual guide. You will face a lot of problems if you are one of those people who refuse to follow instructions.

In case you did not understand anything in this article, do not hesitate to ask questions in the comments box below. Do not just do it anyhow.


Due to the numerous miracles this leaf performs, in other jurisdictions they call it “Miracle Leaf“. When any evil spirit cross your doorstep and tries to harm you, the power of the herb will return that spirit to whoever invoked it and protect you from any dangers.

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  • Osei kofi prince 12 months ago

    Please my question is, you said I should unplug 10 leaves and wash them and after washing I should take one and say my wishes on it and put it in my pocket. so at the end of the day should I throw it away for another leaf of the 10 leaves or I should use the same leave I used the previous day. thank you.

    • Please should I put the leave in the water with the Florida water , or what should I do with it

    • Bismark 9 months ago

      Please after all the process you said we should put the money in our wallets please what should I do with that particular money

  • Godwin 11 months ago

    Please the remany leaves what will I do with it

    • You can use dry them and burn it into ashes or leave theme at a place where there is enough air.

      • Yaa adubea 9 months ago

        Please when you are done with the process, what will you do to the rest of the things which is the white cloth,the remaining tameawu leaves, the candles and the bowl.

  • Nkum Mark 10 months ago

    Please in regards to using the leave to get money
    Can I use necklace instead of ring

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