This Herb Will Draw Your Lover Closer to You and Favours

This Herb Will Draw Your Lover Closer to You and Favours

This Herb Will Draw Your Lover Closer to You and Give You Favours | There is this herb that can draw your lover closer to you, gives money opportuniti

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This Herb Will Draw Your Lover Closer to You and Give You Favours | There is this herb that can draw your lover closer to you, gives money opportunities and favour when you bathe it. It is known as Kalanchoe pinnata.

What is Kalanchoe pinnata?

According to Wikipedia, Kalanchoe pinnata, formerly known as Bryophyllum pinnatum, also known as the air plant, cathedral bells, tameawu leaf, life plant, miracle leaf, and Goethe plant is a succulent plant native to Madagascar, which is a popular houseplant and has become naturalized in tropical and subtropical areas.

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The herb Kalanchoe pinnata also known as “Tameawu”(Twi Word is widely known for its physical and spiritual benefits when used. Talking about benefits, one of the spiritual benefits and uses of “Taameawu”(Twi Word) is its ability to make your debtors pay the debts one time just after looking into your face. How powerful, right?

How Kalanchoe pinnata works

The Kalanchoe pinnata leaf works in so many different forms. They have been categorized into physical and spiritual. We will be talking about both the physical and spiritual benefits of this herb as we go into further details.

Physical Benefits of Kalanchoe pinnata

Here is how it works. When someone is owing to your money and doesn't want to pay here is what you do; first, go to his or her house and demand your money, but when the debtor insists that she or he won’t pay, then come home and sleep.

Early the next morning wake up without talking to anyone, pluck one leaf and show it to fire and squeeze its fluid into your eyes, visit your debtor again, immediately this debtor sees you,  he or she will give you the money they owed but if the debtor did not give you the money, it means there is none.

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Here is another wonderful thing the Kalanchoe pinnata does. When your wife or girlfriend doesn’t respect you at home, this is a spiritual remedy that will handle the issue. This is how that works too. Wake up early in the morning and pluck some of the Kalanchoe pinnata leaves and show them to the fire.

Give it to your wife to squeeze it into your eyes. After she finishes doing so before she leaves, say this in your mind, say: “anytime you see a corpse start crying”. Trust me, anytime she does something bad and you shout at her she will go inside and cry all day long.

This leaf also helps footballers in their matches when used. This is how it works for footballers; anytime you have a match put some of this Kalanchoe pinnata leaf in your socks and wear your shoe.

Whenever you shoot a ball, the goalkeeper will see it in a delusional way, he sees the ball in three different directions. The real ball is the one in the middle, if he's able to catch the middle one he has caught the real ball.

Physical Benefits of Kalanchoe pinnata

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Let's talk a little about the physical benefits of the Kalanchoe pinnata.

When you have ear problems, just pluck some of the leaves and show them to fire. Squeeze it into your ears.

Continue doing that after every three days. When you blend and drink it cure liver problems and also kidney stones.

Chewing at least 3 leaves in the morning for spiritual protection, even when you chew it day by day, and one maybe you sin against someone and the person curses you it won’t work.

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