YOLO is a Ghanaian teenage TV series. The series is a sequel of the Ghanaian TV Series Things We Do for Love. It advises and directs the youth concerning the challenges they face in their sexuality. YOLO has been one of the most entertaining and educative televisions and web series by Farmhouse Production that has been running since its first episode in 2016.

The YOLO television series created with the use of four different Ghanaian Languages. These languages include Twi, Ga, Ghana Pidgin (English), and the Queen’s language, English Language.

With Ivan Quashigah being the Chief Executive Officer and at the same time the creative director of the Farmhouse Production crew, the YOLO TV Series has become a household television series within a few years. So far the web and television series has got 5 Seasons to its credit.

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YOLO Out Take is that part of the television series that gives the actors and actresses including crew members the opportunity to express their experience in the television series from day one. It more particularly focuses on the actors and actresses.

They are asked questions about their experience so far, how they got to be part of this big project, aside from that, they were given the opportunity to also voice out what didn’t go well with them when they were on set and what they would suggest is need to be done next time.

Today we have with us Claudia Abbey who is popularly known in the YOLO TV Series as Antoinette, the best friends of Jane (the girl who had a baby with Drogba after having unprotected sex). In the video below, Claudia Abbey is going to talk about her character Antoinette and her experience so far.

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Antoinette didn’t only talk about herself and YOLO, she also left some advice for all her fans and lovers of the YOLO TV Series. Check it out in the video below.

Will Antoinette be part of the next episode, that is YOLO Season 6 Episode 1? Watch the video below to the end if you really want to know.

  • Will Claudia Abbey aka Antoinette Feature In YOLO Season 6? Find Out:

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