Sarkodie – Sub Zero Lyrics (Lyrics+Audio)

Sarkodie – Sub Zero Lyrics (Lyrics+Audio)

We bring to you the full lyrics of Sarkodie's latest song dubbed Sub Zero. Knowing the lyrics of Sarkodie - Sub Zero Song will enable you to not only

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We bring to you the full lyrics of Sarkodie's latest song dubbed Sub Zero. Knowing the lyrics of Sarkodie – Sub Zero Song will enable you to not only know what he was saying in the song but also aid you sing along the song whiles you listen.

Song Information

Song Title: Sub Zero [Download Here]
Artiste: Sarkodie
Produced by: Altranova
Mixed by: PEE Gh
Released On: 06/04/2020

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Sarkodie – Sub Zero Lyrics

Yeah, aha

Rapper a mo a dissi me moretw3n reply (Yeah)
De3 morey3 no de3 eno go fly (Now)
M'adi kan aja akahyir3 mo dada mo mmoa boa moho na mo
Mmmra na me dissi obi a ne botom ay3 dry
Woy3 relevant aa wob3tua 10K
Mo a y3tee mo nka aky3 no nso de3 5K
But mo a pressure no faa moa mo edwane ak)hy3 aman)ne
Mea m'ayi makoma mu ama mo 1K
3wos3 mob3 paky3w, Bre wo ho ase (Now)

Meyiyewo kuraa 3’s3s3 wob3 da ase
Na wob3ya s3 d33 highest ama reply
My paddy you dey craze way3 wanim s3 car ase
Chaley, me baabi a m'aduru no me mey3 Yesu
Wob3 ba me nky3n a agye s3 wob3b) asu
Ahenky3 no s3 mo nsa b3ka a gye me da
Owuo mpasu time aa Ghanafuo Y3resu
But 3no su lai lai na de3n na 3baa wo mu
Afei na me p3 s3 y3 baabaa mu

Way3 lucki s3 Corona nti m'akoka obi man so
Anka me maa boys taa taa wo mu
S3 wo career no ada a m3ma na asore
But s3 3woa Joe agyi Obinim
May3 bi ama mo nti obiaa mbo afore
M'arapi ama w'anum nsem aka wo menem

Hw3 ain't nobody better than Obidi
They said that I couldn’t do it but I did it
This is for the mu'fcking critics
Rapperholic m'anko TV but I sold all the tickets
Double 0 7 with the drip
Me dropi fire baako then I dip
Man I just bought another crib
2020 m'asesa me chip, gadamn it

D33 mekyiri ne nigga wey dey act tough
But you only hard on the laptop
Chaley make you meet me for the park top
You go bukbak when I take the fvcking mask off
I be Sub Zero with the flow
So so Ice we dey throw
Underground rappers a mo demo aka dan mu
2020 afe wei de3 you go blow, gadamn it

In the lamboghini with the bad b!tch
Seen a couple haters in the traffic
Me nnamfofo) bebree ako y3 surgery
They used to be real but seisei aa omo adane plastic
Ene3ma wei nyinaa got me paronoid
Negative energy adey try avoid
Nti s3 me hwe me cool-in-hat a m'apae aboy
Mmaa mo nfa mo nsa 3mb3ka me niggaa I’m a starboy

Yeah, all I see a bunch of bitter meals
Nebo afu me cos I told him I ain't see a mill
Woy3 bitch nigga if you hit me up for feature
Na me ny33 y3 a wote couch so bite wo fingernails
Fuck that I don't fuck with emotional fellas
Omo energy no ny3 right they're always jealous
Decade in the game chaley me block obiaa
Wo Twitter cos it's corny
Chaley what the fuck you go fit tell us?

I'm a hustler talk about money en na 3hia me
Beef s3 m3sos) so a gye s3 ahia me
All rappers a mo to to shots ma me no ny3 s3 menhunuu ye o
Buh mehu mo underground rappers w) Sunyani

Br3 wo ho ase me dissi wo na woy3 dw33
Style no m3y3 no sei na may3 no see
Artist's a moretw3n reply no seisei meyiyim
3ny3 obiaa k3k3 agya moa mose me y3 p3pe3
Daben na Sarkodie complain about some other artist
Cos I find a way to deal with situation regardless
Nti na 3yaa nkor)fo) feel s3 me y3 hypocrite
But I'm a gee I stay strong when it turn hardest

I have an agenda I'm tryna push it
Adwene da me tirim so I'm tryna use it
New generation no we can't tell between
When someone is being real or a person is just stupid

Huh! What else? Haha

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== End of Sarkodie – Sub Zero Lyrics ==

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