Sarkodie has stayed calm throughout as some artistes in Ghana threw shorts at him in there while some industry critics and social media trollers use such opportunities to make a joke out of the African rap God.

It looks like he was too busy making money back then as he once tweeted that he is not going to reply to anybody or give attention to their disses unless they’re paying him.

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The god of rap is finally back from his hustle with just some three minutes to spare, so he had to educate some folks and give some free advice to others too. This I guess birthed the new aggressive rap single he calls “Sub Zero”.

Sarkodie – Sub Zero is just like some strong punches that will KO an opponent once they are knocked by it. He took his time to address a few issues whiles sending a subtle but aggressive warning to rappers out there who have been throwing shots at him in their song.

He also mentioned that from now onwards he wouldn’t reply just any diss song. He would seeve them before attending to them and even with that, they will need to pay some amount of monies ranging from 5K to 10 depending on their relevancy.

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Sarkodie bragged about his position as the “Highest” saying they (rappers/artistes) should be happy if he replies to their diss songs. He also mentioned that he is the “Yesu” (Jesus Christ) of rap. Making reference to his 2019 Rapperholic concert, Sarkodie talks about how he didn’t make any television adverts about the event yet still sold out tickets.

“The new generating can’t tell between when someone is being real and stupid” – Sarkodie

It is almost obvious Sarkodie has finally released some venom to prove that he is the “Highest” and no one should dare him.

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Listen to Sarkodie – Sub Zero below and tell us what you think about this brand new single. Listener’s discretion is advised. This song contains some aggressive & explicit lyrics.

Listen/Download Sarkodie – Sub Zero

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