COVID-19: How Did Coronavirus Suspend Easter Festivities?

COVID-19: How Did Coronavirus Suspend Easter Festivities?

In previous years Christians all over the world go to church with palm fronds to worship to signify Jesus's triumphant entry into Jerusalem.......but today we're left with our immediate families and our phones.

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COVID-19: Coronavirus Suspends Easter Celebrations | Coronavirus has done it's worse. At first, it was no church gatherings, then lockdown. Little did we know that Easter will be celebrated indoors.

Some Christians celebrate Easter to remember the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The celebration begins with forty days fasting and prayers, lent; Easter Friday, where they go to church to mourn the death of Christ; Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday where Christians adorn themselves in white apparel to church to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Lent begun nicely, as believers fasted and prayed, waiting for the crucifixion of the saviour. Halfway through lent, Coronavirus entered Ghana and everything has changed. 

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It's Palm Sunday and we're still locked down. Christians all over the world previously would have been going around waving their palm fronds amidst singing and dancing. Praising God to mark the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem before his crucifixion.  This is the Sunday that precedes Easter Sunday. But here we are COVID-19 has kept us home. Rome is quite as well as everywhere. How are we going to celebrate this year's Easter? Those in Accra, Tema, Kumasi, and Kasoa in Ghana have restricted movements even up to Easter hence Easter under lockdown.

What happens to Good Friday? Won't Christ die for sins this year? Or we'll celebrate the crucifixion indoors like that!!. Hmmm, Corona has really corroded. Imagine Christians all over the world at home on Easter Sunday!!!.

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Kwahu ooo Kwahu. During Easter festivities, one of the heights is the jamboree and funfair in the Kwaku area. But today due to COVID-19, the Kwahumanhene has also banned everyone from coming there, even natives, in order to halt the virus spread. Oh COVID-19 has taken a lot from us. The night shows, the paragliding, the street carnivals! Hmmm.

Whatever it is. Whatever it may be. We will survive it. Our forefathers survived and we are poised to survive too. There will be many more Easters after COVID-19. It's important to survive now. Let's obey all the protocols given: stay home, observe social/physical distancing, frequent hand washing and the use of sanitizer.

God bless our Homeland Ghana. 

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