Top 10 Reasons Why Smart People Have Fewer Friends

Top 10 Reasons Why Smart People Have Fewer Friends

Why Smart People Have Fewer Friends | Friendship is perhaps one of the deepest bonds in human life. It’s forged through mutual trust, unconditional su

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Why Smart People Have Fewer Friends | Friendship is perhaps one of the deepest bonds in human life. It’s forged through mutual trust, unconditional support, and selflessness. It doesn’t matter if you have a thousand friends on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever. I mean seriously, how many of them do you actually talk to and hang out with?

In general, smart people have fewer friends. They realize the importance of having REAL friends, and they value those friendships deeply. Yes, the smarter you are, the fewer friends you have, and here’s a list of reasons that explains why!

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Here Are The 10 Reasons Why Smart People Have Fewer Friends

We have gathered for you below the reason why smart people have fewer friends. Now you will understand why they do after reading this.

1 – You Can See Through People

Having an above-average intelligence means that you easily detect people with a “try hard” persona, and you tend to keep your distance from them. You simply refuse to get involved with people like that, just for the sake of popularity. You feel like they are social climbers, and they aren’t worthy of your time.

2 – You Are Verbally Liberated

While your actions might contrast the actions of your friends, you have a strong mindset, and the liberty to express your own thoughts and ideas. Your mind isn’t limited, and you always have something to say! You think differently than others, but you’re not bothered by their opinions.

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3 – You Don’t Fear Missing Out

You try to keep up with what everyone’s up to, but you don’t enjoy engaging in senseless conversations. You don’t really care about the latest trends, and you don’t have much interest in materialistic things either. Because you’re quite content doing your own thing, you don’t have a fear of missing out.

4 – You’re More Observant Than Most

Most of the time, you find yourself sitting back and just observing everything around you. The constant postings on social media, the scandals, and disrespectful behaviors put you off because you see more to life. You believe in radiating the energy you want to be around. You are humble and encouraging to all, but you don’t put your time and trust into people who don’t deserve it.

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5 – You Don’t Get Involved In Drama

The unnecessary dilemma that comes with drama, irritates you. You have enough on your plate, and you don’t need more from anyone else. Others can think whatever they want, and since you don’t feel the need to be accepted by them, you refuse to get involved.

6 – You Don’t Need To Prove Your Worth

You are independent and strong. You’re grateful for the little things and you’re quite content with what you’ve got. Because you can support yourself, you don’t rely on others, and there’s no need for you to prove your worth to anyone.

7 – You’re Cautious Of Others

You already know who your true friends are, so you don’t really feel the need to have new ones. You are very cautious when letting people in your life unless someone is as compatible as you. And by this I mean: they think the same, express the same ideas, and have the same values. But, you still test them in situations to see if they really care about you, as a person, or if they have something else on their agenda.

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8 – Others Find You Intimidating

You usually keep to yourself, but you’re a force to be reckoned with! You’re not afraid to say the truth or confront someone when they’re out of line. And because of this, people often see you as a threat. But, there are some people who can see you for who you really are. These are the people you invest your time
and effort in.

9 – You Aren’t Easy To Understand

Let’s face it, most geniuses are loners, and few people understand and accept them. It can be hard for an intelligent person! You seem to live in your own small world, and social activity is more like a distraction rather than the essence of life. In fact, the more you have to communicate with others, the more drained you feel.

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10 – You Focus On Your Goals

You feel uncomfortable sharing your dreams and visions with narrow-minded people. You work hard to achieve your goals and you don’t have time for setbacks, so spontaneity is pretty much out of your vocabulary! Because of this, people tend to think that you’re uptight, but in reality, you’re just focusing on your goals.

Researchers believe that there may be a conflict between the way we've evolved and the fast-paced lives we lead. Intelligent individuals are better able to adapt to modern life, and they're not as tied to humanity's evolutionary predilections. This means they don't have as much of a need for social interaction. So, if you only have a few close friends, don't despair. You're probably just really smart!

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