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Jeiel Damina of Best Friends in The World Series fame has released a new song she calls "Step It Up". We bring you the full Jeiel Damina - Step It U [...]
"Olive Lane" as she is popularly known for the role she played in the teen mini-series that was premiered on YouTube, she is known in real life as Jei [...]
What Best Friends Do Music Video: The official music video for the most anticipated What Best Friends Do song by Jeiel Damina has been released by Ne [...]
Jeiel Damina of the Triple J music group and Neptune3 Studios team has released a Christmas song to celebrate all her fans and that of the Neptune3 F [...]
Neptune3 Studios Premiers Table for Two, a new webs series | After making it big with the Best Friends in The World Web Series on YouTube, Neptune3 S [...]
Jeiel Damina What Best Friends Do ft Lyta X Picazo is a soundtrack from the Best Friends In The World Web Series produced by Neptune3 Studios. The so [...]
The official lyrics for your favorite Best Friends In The World song has finally been released by Neptune3 Studios. Jeiel Damina - Final Word song [...]
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