Jeiel Damina Biography & Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Father, Wiki

Jeiel Damina Biography & Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Father, Wiki

"Olive Lane" as she is popularly known for the role she played in the teen mini-series that was premiered on YouTube, she is known in real life as Jeiel Damina. We bring you her biography and other information including her net worth, age, parents, Wikipedia and more

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Want to know more about Jeiel Damina Biography & Net Worth, Age, Parents, and Wiki? Jeiel Damina, popularly known as “Olive Lane” for her role in a mini web series on YouTube known as “Best Friends In The World”. She is an actress, a musician, a writer, a blogger, and a movie freak.

She comes from the Damina Family, a family of five headed by Abel Damina, her father. She has two senior sisters, Jemima, and Jesimiel Damina. They are together known as “Triple J Plus” when it comes to making music. They also founded Neptune3 Studios – a creative media company, producers of the Best Friends In The World Web Series on YouTube.

Jeiel Damina became much more popular after playing her first movie role as a lead character in a teen mini-series that was written and directed by her senior sisters, Jesimiel and Jemima Damina. She is actually known as a singer and member of the musical group – Triple J.

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However, apart from being a musician, Jeiel Damina proves to be multi-talented as she can do other things as well. These include dancing, acting, writing, and blogging.

Jeiel Damina Childhood Photo
– Jeiel Damina, 13 Years Ago

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Jeiel Damina Biography Profile

Full real name: Jeiel Abel Damina
Other names Princess Jeiel Jewel
Popularly known as: Olive
Date of birth: 4th September 2002
Age: 20 years old
Height: 165 cm
Nationality: Nigerian
State: Kaduna State
Parents: Pastor Abel Damina, Rachel Damina
Siblings: Jemima Damina, Jesimiel Damina
Boyfriend Not Known
Relationship Status: Single
School/University: Full Sail University, U.S.A.
Alma mater  
Occupation: Actress, singer, dancer, songwriter, and producer
Net worth $1 million
– Jeiel Damina Biography Profile

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Jeiel Damina Biography and Net Worth

Jeiel Damina and Her Family

Jeiel Damina Family

Jeiel Damina is the last born of three girls born to her parents. She is the daughter of Dr. Abel Damina and Mrs. Rachael Damina. The names of her senior sisters are Jesimiel Damina and Jemima Damin. Their father has several churches in Nigeria and a school. The Damina sisters came together to form the “Triple J Plus” group and also the media company “Neptune3 Studios“.

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Jeiel Damina Net Worth

Jeiel Damina aka Olive Lane has a current net worth of $500,000 to $1 million based on her salary, income, fortune, and profits.

According to Social Blade, the Neptune3 Studios YouTube channel earns $83 to $1.3K per day, $584 to $9.3K per week, $2.5K to $40K per month, and a compensation of $30K to $480.3K per year.

The Neptune3 Studios, of whom Jeiel Damina is a co-founder, has the 27th most subscribers on YouTube in Nigeria and ranks 532nd in the Film category, fighting heavily with globally owned channels.

Apart from portraying the character of Olive in ‘Best Buddies In The World', Jeiel Damina has also starred in some other movies including ‘More World'. She is also a model, singer, dancer, and writer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jeiel Damina

Who is Jeiel Damina?

Jeiel Damina is 19 years old and was born on September 4, 2002, in Kaduna, Nigeria.

How Old Is Jeiel Damina?

She is 21 years old and was born on September 4, 2002, in Kaduna, Nigeria.

Which Country Is Jeiel Damina From?

Jeiel Damina is from Kaduna State in Nigeria.

Who is Jeiel Damina father?

Dr. Abel Damina is the father of Jeiel, Jesimiel, and Jemima Damina collectively known in the music industry as Triple J.

Who is Jemima Damina?

Jemima Damina is a Nigerian screenwriter, movie director, singer, and member of Triple J Plus, a music group she formed with her two sisters, Jeiel and Jesimiel Damina. She wrote “Best Friends in The World” and “A Table for Two” web series for their movie production, Neptune3 Studios.

Which State Is Abel Damina From?

Kaduna State is where Abel Damina, the father of Jeiel Damina, and his family are from.

Who Is Jeiel Damina Mother?

Jeiel Damina's mother is Mrs. Rachel Damina.

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What Is Olive Real Name in Best Friends in The World?

The name of the character Olive of Best Friends in the World in real life is Jeiel Abel Damina.


What is Jeiel Damina Facebook name?

According to Jeiel Damina herself, her Facebook is: Jeiel Damina (+8000 likes) and her Instagram is: @jeieldamina (a verified account with +100K followers) Her Facebook is a LIKE PAGE, NOT a friend page or a group.

Which Tribe is Jeiel Damina From?

Jeiel Damina is a native of the Lere Tribe in Kaduna State of Northern Nigeria.

Where does Jeiel Damina School?

She is currently attending Full Scale University and pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing since 2020 which will be completed in 2022.

Who is Jeiel Damina Boyfriend?

Jeiel Damina is currently single and has no boyfriend but she has a secret admirer, guess who?

What is Jeiel Damina Phone Number?

Not available. She hardly gives her phone number to people she barely knows.

What are Jeiel Damina Movies?

Best Friends in The World and Table for Two are the movies she has starred in.

How do I get Jeiel Damina WhatsApp Number?

Jeiel Damina's WhatsApp number is hard to find if you're not a close friend or relative.

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Jeiel Damina happens to be the last of her father's three daughters. She is adventurous and religious as she comes from a very good religious family. She loves writing, dancing, acting, and telling stories whenever she grabs the opportunity.

jeiel damina biography
Jeiel Abel Damina

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Bonus: She was featured in a Television commercial in 2013 for Triple J Plus Spelling Bee – a spelling bee contest that was organized courtesy of her musical group, Triple J Plus.

Connect With Jeiel Damina on Social Media

You can connect with Jeiel Damina on:

Twitter @JeielDamina

Instagram @JeielDamina with close to 500K followers

Facebook @jeieldaminaofficial 


TikTok @JemiDamina with 361.9K followers and 2.9 million likes

YouTube: Jeiel Damina with over 50K subscribers, and Neptune3 Studios with 1.25 million subscribers

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