Download Yawa Skits Face Mask | Accra, Ghana | It’s another week and Yawa skits bring to us another episode in this period of the COVID-19 Coronavirus. The crew brings to us an amazing and funny skit that will make you laugh your ribs out and learn some learns too.

In this episode, Philo ventures into the nose mask selling business after the lockdown directive by the government. She has used the little money she has to buy some nose masks in order to make some profit in order to get her daily bread. She has roamed about the whole day with making not a single sale.

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She meets Callistus, the self-acclaimed king of knowledge, the smart one. Callistus teases Philomena for been a hawker and from there Philomena put it to King Calli how she has roamed the whole day without making a single sale.

Callistus told her maybe she was hawking to the wrong people and that he was going to give her a plan to sell all her merchandise. Just after a few minutes of thinking, King Calli had already gotten a plan. He told Philo and the rest was history.

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You know there is always a twist that affects any plan King Calli deduces, right? This episode is not an exception. Watch the full video below and release some stress in this era of a global pandemic.

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