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AirtelTigo Night Bundle Code & Prices Now

AirtelTigo Night Bundle Code & Prices Now

AirtelTigo Ghana is one of the best internet providers in Ghana. They have a variety of data bundles you can subscribe to but today I am going to talk

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AirtelTigo Ghana is one of the best internet providers in Ghana. They have a variety of data bundles you can subscribe to but today I am going to talk about one of AirtelTigo BigTime Data packages; AirtelTigo Night Bundle Code. Stay tuned and chillax, I got you covered.

AirtelTigo Night Bundle Code

You will need the AirtelTigo Night Bundle code to subscribe to the night browsing package. The AirtelTigo Night Bundle gives you unlimited internet browsing and AirtelTigo calls from 12am to 4am each night. To activate the AirtelTigo Night Bundle dial *111# and reply 4 to select option 4.

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The night bundle data come in two packages where you can buy 4.5GB data bundle for GH¢ 3.00 and 7.5GB data bundle for GH¢ 5.00. Note that both the two packages only will last for 5hours from 12 am to 4 am and is not rolled over when you an unable to exhaust your data bundle.

AirtelTigo Night Bundle Price

AirtelTigo Night Bundle Prices are categorized into two prices. The most interesting thing about the AirtelTigo Night Bundle is that you can buy as much data as you want. You can activate it as many times as you want. For example, if you want 12GB worth of data you can buy the GH¢ 5.00 for 7.5GB package and top it up with the GH¢ 3.00 for 4.5GB offer.

AirtelTigo Night Bundle Time

Your AirtelTigo Night Bundle can only be used within the time frame specified above. You cannot use this AirtelTigo BigTime Data bundle during the day time. After 3:59 am, you won't be able to use this bundle again.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Airtel Night Bundle

Here are some of the questions asked by AirtelTigo customers before purchasing the AirtelTigo Night Bundle. We hope our response answered your questions too. If you are not satisfied with any of the answers, you can leave us a comment or question in the comments section.

What is AirtelTigo BigTime Data Bundle?

AirtelTigo BigTime Data bundles are amazing data bundle offers of up to 10GB of data with No Expiry. The prices of these packages range from as low as 50p for 25MB to GHS 50 for 10.4GB data. AirtelTigo BigTime Data bundles can be purchased by dialling 1111# and following the prompts.

Does AirtelTigo BigTime Data Expire?

No! The data allocated to you upon purchase does not expire. The BigTime data bundles are available to all AirtelTigo pre-paid subscribers, including new and existing customers.

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How Do I Check My AirtelTigo BigTime bundle?

You can check your big-time bundle by dial *111# and send.

What is the shortcode for AirtelTigo Night bundle?

The short code for AirtelTigo Night bundle is *111#

How much is the AirtelTigo Night Bundle?

Depending on your need, the price for 4.5GB of data is GH¢3.00 whiles the price of 7.5GB is GH¢5.00

How do I activate AirtelTigo Unlimited Bundle

You can activate the AirtelTigo Unlimited by dial *111# then send. Reply 3 to subscribe to unlimited voice calls.

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End Note:

The AirtelTigo Night data bundle is suitable for downloading heavy files, seasonal movies, software and heavy uploads. The internet speed increases tremendously at night due to the decrease usage by network subscribers.

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