14 Weird Scholarship Requirements You Didn’t Know to Exist

14 Weird Scholarship Requirements You Didn’t Know to Exist

The 14 Weird Scholarship Requirements | When applying for a scholarship, there are many requirements you will have to meet before you are accepted to

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The 14 Weird Scholarship Requirements | When applying for a scholarship, there are many requirements you will have to meet before you are accepted to participate in the program. While some of these requirements are strict, some are pretty simple to follow. There is also the weird scholarship requirements category. You have never heard of that? Well, today you have. I will introduce to you the 14 weird scholarship requirements in the world you've never heard of.

14 Weird Scholarship Requirements in The World

Here is a list of 14 weird scholarship requirements you will ever come across in your life:

Tall Clubs International Scholarship

This club offers up to $1,000 to students under age 21 who are tall. The specific requirements are over 5'10” for women and taller than 6'2″ for men. This scholarship is meant to help promote height awareness and help tall students offset the expenses their height requires, such as specially tailored clothes.


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Chick & Sophie Major Memorial Scholarship

Are you a skilled duck caller? Then this is the scholarship for you! Four financial aid scholarships valued from $500-$2,000 are awarded each year. Qualified applicants have ninety seconds to use four essential duck calls, including hail, feed, comeback, and mating.

National Potato Council Scholarship

The Potato Leadership, Education and Advancement Foundation provides one $10,000 scholarship to a graduate student who intends to pursue a line of study within the Agri-Business field that will enhance the potato industry. Submission requirements include proof of past potato-related studies.

The Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship

Commitment to a vegetarian lifestyle may qualify you for this $5,000 scholarship award that's given to two individuals each year. Submission requirements include proof of promotion of vegetarianism, such as volunteer work, photographs, or newspaper articles.

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Sheep Heritage Foundation Memorial Scholarship

The American Sheep Industry Association has developed this scholarship for individuals enrolled in graduate school who are active in advancing the U.S. sheep industry, lamb and wool production. You must also be in a program involved with sheep or wool research in the areas of animal science, agriculture, economics, or veterinary medicine.

Create A Greeting Card Scholarship

For the artfully inclined, this $10,000 scholarship requires the submission of an original greeting card. This should include the artwork or graphics for the front of a greeting card. This scholarship is sponsored by The Prudent Publishing Company in New Jersey. Qualified applicants must be at least 14 years of age.

Stuck at Prom Scholarship

Duck Brand duct tape offers a scholarship to students who create a prom dress or tux entirely out of duct tape. The winning dress and tux each receive $10,000 with cash prizes also available to runner-ups. This creative scholarship may seem strange but can help students in their scholastic endeavors.

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Eileen J. Garrett Scholarship

If you are pursuing your studies in parapsychology which is the study of paranormal phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis, then you may be eligible for this scholarship offered by the Parapsychology Foundation. Scholarship recipients are awarded $2,000 for their undergraduate or graduate studies.

Penguin Random House Creative Writing Awards

Penguin Random House partnered with the nonprofit We Need Diverse Books to award college scholarships for five U.S. public school seniors. These up to $10,000 scholarships require that an original literary composition of poetry, spoken word, fiction/drama, or personal essay/memoir be submitted.

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

With many shows and movies entertaining the idea of what the world would look like with streets filled with flesh-eating zombies, you may have envisioned what you would do if you lived in a post-apocalyptic world. High school seniors are asked to put their survival tactics and imagination to use for this unusual $2,000 college scholarship!

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National Marbles Tournament Scholarship

Winners of the national Marbles Tournament are awarded scholarships at the event held each year. The annual event is held in Wildwood, New Jersey, and is open to kids ages 8-14 who compete in the tournament.

Left-Handed Scholarship

Calling all lefties! If you are looking to attend Juniata College in Pennsylvania, you are welcome to apply to the left-handed scholarship established by Mary Francis Beckley who faced discrimination due to her left-handedness during her teaching career.

Make Me Laugh Scholarship

Looking for scholarships and preparing for college can be stressful, so use this scholarship as an opportunity to push all that to the back of your mind. Take any factual or fictional, funny or embarrassing event and describe it. Your retelling could earn your $1,500 for school!

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Asparagus Club Scholarships


If food is what you're passionate about, the National Grocers Association Foundation Scholarship offers a variety of scholarships for those with a major that can lead to a career in grocery.

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