How to Get Free 500MB MTN Data Bundle | Information is powerful when you can make good use of it. In today’s world, accessing information is as easy as clicking few bottoms or typing a keyword on a search engine. This was made possible, thanks to the birth of the internet. It was founded on January 1, 1983, by Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf.

Information can be accessed from any part of the world where Internet Service providers have installed their infrastructure to provide internet service. To be able to access the information from the internet, one needs a device that supports internet connectivity and then an internet service provider.

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MTN Ghana is the most popular telecommunication in Ghana (as at the time of writing this article) based on the quality of work they provide. Some subscribers complain that their data bundles are expensive while others also believe it’s value for money.

How to Get Free 500MB MTN Data Bundle

If you belong to the first group of subscribers, then I bet this is for you. If you belong to the “value for money” group, you know what you want and will love this one too. This is good and will benefit everyone. Follow the few steps below to get yours. Here is How to Get Free 500MB MTN Data Bundle below:

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  1. You need an MTN Sim card (whether old or new, it should be an active one, but old SIM cards have more success rate.)
  2. Insert the SIM Card inside a simple phone (YAM phone).
  3. Use the SIM card to make calls and buy data if it is a new SIM Card. If it’s an old SIM Card, skip this step to Step 4.
  4. I assume you have completed Step 6. Leave that SIM Card in the “YAM” phone if you have been using it for a while.
  5. Do not buy data again when the SIM card is in the YAM phone but if you do, put the SIM Card into a smartphone and use up all the data bundle on it.
  6. Make sure the SIM Card is always in the YAM phone. This is because they can detect your device at their end. They usually send the free data if they notice your phone is YAM.
  7. Congrats for successfully following the steps to this stage. You are now eligible to receive the Free  500MB MTN Data Bundle. Enjoy!

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NB: Whenever you receive the Free 500MB MTN Data Bundle, make sure you use it up as soon as possible to avoid losing the data bundle to them again.

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