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Vodafone Group Foundation Introduces Vodafone Instant Schools

Vodafone Group Foundation Introduces Vodafone Instant Schools

Vodafone Instant Schools | Accra, Ghana | Vodafone Ghana is one of Ghana's top telecommunication companies that have their customers and the society a

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Vodafone Instant Schools | Accra, Ghana | Vodafone Ghana is one of Ghana's top telecommunication companies that have their customers and the society at heart always and that was why they launched the Vodafone Group Foundation.

According to Vodafone Ghana, it is their goal to provide millions of people especially young people in Africa with free access to online learning materials developed in conjunction with Learning Equality – a leading not-for-profit provider of open-source educational technology solutions.

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Instant Schools is the largest philanthropic programme in the Vodafone Group Foundation’s 25-year history.

– Vodafone Group Foundation

In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Vodafone Instant School program is being deployed by the Vodafone Group Foundation and other educational partners including local educational institutions in Ghana.

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The Vodafone Instant School is a virtual classroom that was introduced by the Vodafone Group Foundation to help young people in Africa has easy access to learning material online for free. It provides learning resources for Upper Primary through to Senior High School level.

The Vodafone Instant Schools will provide access to essential educational resources. These include subjects such as Maths and Science from primary to secondary level. Initially, this content will be high-quality global content, provided by Khan Academy. The main aim targeted by the Instant School is to provide resources that match with the local curriculum. The fact that the content is accessible via mobile phones for free will also help to reach children who do not have access to the traditional schooling system in their locality.

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In this era of the COVID19 Coronavirus pandemic, this service is really going to be helpful to the students who have been asked to stay home until further notice. They can still continue learning for free with the Vodafone Instant School service. All they need is a Vodafone sim card and a smartphone.

4 Key Features of The Vodafone Instant School Platform

1. Zero-rated: What is meant by “Zero-rated” is that the Instant School service is FREE for Vodafone Ghana subscribers. However, if you are a Vodafone Ghana customer and are connected to a Wi-Fi network, make sure to turn it off and connect through your mobile data network. You will not be charged for data usage when accessing the Vodafone Instant School within Ghana but if you access it outside the country, data charges will apply.

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2. Accessibility:  The service has been designed for simple, low-cost devices with basic data connectivity (3G). This means that you do not need any sophisticated mobile device to have access to the Vodafone Instant School platform.

3. Country-specific: The educational content will be a combination of global and local content. This means that the educational material/resources that will be provided will be of a high standard and qualifies to prepare one for examination in its equivalent course or subject of study in other countries.

4. Long-term cumulative programme: The reach, scale, and relevance will be increased over time, including encouraging other major mobile operators in the countries involved to adopt a similar, non-commercial approach.

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Access Vodafone Instant Schools

The Vodafone Instant Schools Platform is available to mobile users only (Vodafone Customers). The good news is that the service is accessible to everybody even if you are not a Vodafone Ghana subscriber. Non-Vodafone subscribers and customers using Broadband/WiFi will incur data charges.

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If you would like to learn more about Instant Schools and our partner Learning Equality, please visit: https://learningequality.org/kolibri


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