Video Games and Academic Performance | The gaming industry has grown exponentially over the years. This has been facilitated by variations and availability of consoles, as well as the improvements in online gaming. The quality of games gets even more impressive year after year.

The majority of gamers are school-going teenagers, therefore parents fear it’ll affect academic performance. It’s a concern that has a strong basis, as sometimes it’s the case but is it all negatives for gaming? Well, I don’t think so. Here are some positives:


It’s a known fact that gaming has been a factor in increased aggression and violence among teenagers. However, it’s important to note that it has been found to help in improving the attention span and focus of children. Gaming requires a lot of attention to detail from players so they tend to learn and apply in schoolwork too. This may not be the case sometimes as they may be too occupied with in-game problems instead of real-world problems.

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Decision making

Gaming requires a lot of decision making; having to make some of the most difficult decisions anyone could face. This gaming experience helps them to develop their decision-making skills and enhance their abilities to make good choices in life.


Video gaming can also be used as a reinforcement tool. A reinforcement tool is any pleasant object or stimulus that causes a behavior to be repeated. Gaming provides satisfaction for people and therefore can serve as great reinforcement. There are positive and negative reinforcements. In positive reinforcement, the child is allowed to play games when the desired behavior has been observed. In negative reinforcement, guardians or parents may take away video games until the desired behavior is observed. Read more on reinforcement here.

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People don’t usually see the positives in gaming and so the lambasting may be inevitable. This is not to say that gaming is surely going to improve grades. There are many other factors like IQ, willingness to learn, availability of necessary material, parental involvement, teaching delivery, etc., which affect learning and grades of students. However, a balance of these including gaming is going to help.

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