Stryke Series Behind The Scenes Videos Day 5 | Last month, Farmhouse Production, the makers of YOLO TV Series had announced they will be coming our way with a new television series captioned ‘Stryke’. Work is already underway as they have released short behind the scenes videos of their new series.

The Farmhouse Production team is working effortlessly to give you their best in the all-new TV Series ‘Stryke’. This video was recorded on the first day of shooting Stryke Season 1. At least you are going to see some familiar faces and also some new ones that are going to give you their all in this series.

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Stryke Series Behind The Scenes Videos Day 5

This is the fifth day on the set of STRYKE … Starring Joana Cole, Brian Ocansey, Pearl Aba Gibson & Aliyah Ouatara.


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