No AdSense Approval? Make More Money With Ezoic Monetization

No AdSense Approval? Make More Money With Ezoic Monetization

Make More Money With Ezoic Monetization || Are you suffering from AdSense rejections? Do you have a lot of traffic but your AdSense revenue doesn't sh

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Make More Money With Ezoic Monetization || Are you suffering from AdSense rejections? Do you have a lot of traffic but your AdSense revenue doesn’t show for it? Worry no more because I am ready to show you the Best AdSense Alternative in 2022 so far. If you are looking for a better way to make good money with your blog/website then follow me as I introduce you to the Ezoic Monetization Platform.

Ezoic is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives and a Google-certified publishing partner. It is a global advertising platform that is a publisher-focused advertising network with a wide range of powerful tools designed to help you maximize your revenue potential.

For example, the platform uses A.I. (artificial intelligence) to determine the optimal ad placement. You also get an ad layouts tester, ad inventory, a website speed calculator, and a feature-rich analytics tool that provides you with a wealth of information about how well your website’s advertising is doing.

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The network is very simple to integrate with your website, and it works flawlessly with everything from the Cloudflare CDN to WordPress.

Earn 200% More Money With Ezoic Monetization

More Money With Ezoic Monetization

Why Join Ezoic?

Well, I cannot just say Ezoic is a very good monetization platform for publishers and leave it like that. Let’s dive into why you should be on the Ezoic platform, trust me, there won’t be any bias here. I have gathered for you the reason why you may consider not joining too.

You can weigh them and make your final decision. Hope we’re good? Yeah, we’re good!

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Technical Support

With the Ezoic monetization platform, publishers are important to them and are prioritized because if the publisher makes money they make money too just like AdSense. So why not help the publisher make more money so that they will also gain more?

They have experts that will guide you at every point of your journey with them. They are always a call or an e-mail away. If you have any problems getting started, Ezoic has a terrific customer support team available to answer your concerns and assist you in getting set up.

  • Great privacy and security features
  • Beginner-friendly user dashboard
  • Offers Google Amp converter for mobile websites
  • Works in tandem with Google Ads to increase revenue using Artificial Intelligence by testing ad layouts
  • Advanced management and analytics tools
  • Provides a lot of resources for users in order to boost success/revenue. (NicheIQ for keyword research, Flickify for fast AI video creation, and Humix – which is their own video network)
  • Low minimum payout of $20

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The only reason why you may not want to use Ezoic is that it will require fine-tuning to reach the total revenue potential. I know this is not an issue for many publishers but I just had to mention it.

How Does Ezoic Pay Publishers?

Ezoic has a minimum Payout Threshold of $20 with a Payment Schedule of Net30. Unlike Google AdSense, Ezoic supports several payment options that you have been looking for. They pay publishers through the following Payout Options: Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfers, Direct Bank Deposits, and Checks.

Now that you have seen the opportunities that come with joining the Ezoic Platform, I would like to encourage you to take advantage of it and make the best out of the ads you publish on your website and you won’t regret it.

Make 200% More Money With Ezoic Monetization


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