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MTN Ghana Introduces New Network Code 059

MTN Ghana Introduces New Network Code 059

MTN Ghana has introduced another network code to add to their already existing codes. 059 is the new network code

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MTN Ghana Introduces New Network Code 059 | MTN is one of the biggest telecommunication network companies in Ghana with over 17.7million subscribers according to the data released by MTN Ghana from their Q3 Reports for 2019.

The company keeps increasing subscribers daily as they have beat all their competitors including Vodafone Ghana to become the no.1 telecommunication network in Ghana with the best of services.

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Why MTN Ghana Introduces New Network Code 059

Due to the daily increase in subscribers, MTN Ghana has introduced a new network code – 059 to accommodate and take care of the rapid increase of its subscribers. If you are planning to get an MTN SIM Card then know that your new mobile number is going to begin with, 059.

The new 059 block of numbers as assigned by the National Communication Authority comes to added MTN Ghana's already existing network codes: (024), (054) and (055).

The introduction of the (059) number block will allow MTN Ghana to reach more customers with its fastest data services on the 4G+ and 4G networks and also enjoy the best of voice, digital and mobile money services available.

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We are hereby informing you to take note of the network code (059) on the MTN Ghana network.

So the next time you buy an MTN Ghana SIM starter pack don't get scared over the 059 MTN network code. It is the new MTN Number in town.

To call or send SMS a subscriber with a 059 number, users are required to add the 059-prefix to the number being dialed. For instance, a subscriber's new number will now begin with 059 and the customer's unique number (059 XXX XXXX).

To make international calls, subscribers will have to dial the country code, the 059-prefix and customer’s unique number e.g +233 59 1000000.

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New subscribers will have access to all the quality services provided by MTN Ghana including their 4G+ Internet services. To check your number on the new MTN ghana network code, simply dial *156# and select option 1.

The rapid growth of the Scancom Ltd company is what leads to the introduction of new network code(s).

Kindly ignore any rumors circulating that the 059-number is from the marine world (Maame wata) and other gossips. They are all untrue. The 059-Number is MTN Ghana's new network code aside from the already existing ones; 024, 054, and 055. Don't forget to tell a friend MTN Ghana Introduces New Network Code 059.

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