Mr Aborga – Dada Awu Trap Beat | From Ghana to China, Dada Awu –  a group of Ghanaian dancing pallbearers have been trending all over the internet ever since their short video was used during the COVID-19 Coronavirus to send a message across to people to stay at home.

Alfred Aborga who is popularly known by many as Mr. Aborga, A Ghanaian musician and a beatmaker who is based in Belgium for almost a decade now. He used to be an entertainment blogger aside due to his unconditional love for music. He created the LoudSoundGh website to support good artistes who do not have money to promote themselves online. If your music is good, well mixed and master, with good cover art and description, you would be able to earn a spot on Mr. Aborga (then Alfred Aborga).

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You can buy more beats from him by visiting his website here >>> MrAborga.Com. You can also reach out to him on the following contact details below for him to work on your projects both beats and music deals. Email: [email protected] / Contact Number: +32465439270

He actually made the trap version beat of the Dada Awu, the popular background song of the dancing pallbearers from Ghana. Instead of selling it for some bucks, Mr. Aborga has released it for free due to his generosity. Every musician can download and try their creativity on it.

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Dada Awu had been trending all over the internet, 247Hitz.Com has sited a couple of views made in other languages including Chinese, Japenese, and English to create a message  COVID-19 Coronavirus stay home campaign. Most of the videos depict that if individuals do not follow the rules regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus, the dancing pallbearers from Ghana are always ready to come for them and as usual display the dancing skills.

It is really interesting to know that Tenor GIF has officially created a couple of GIFs to honour the dancing pallbearers from Ghana. To experience what I am talking about, go to your Whatsapp

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Messenger and open a chat, tap on the grey smiling emoji on your left to switch your keyboard from text to Emojis, GIFS, and Stickers. Choose GIF by tapping on the GIF icon in the middle, a couple of GIFs will show up. Now, tap on the grey search button on the left to open the search dialogue box then type in Ghana — Tell me what you are seeing right now, hahaha – the dancing pallbearers from Ghana right?

Download Mr. Aborga – Dada Awu Trap Beat

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