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All Mobile Networks in Ghana and Their Network Codes

All Mobile Networks in Ghana and Their Network Codes

Telecommunication in Ghana is headed by the National Communication Authority of Ghana, the regulating body for all electronic communications in the

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Telecommunication in Ghana is headed by the National Communication Authority of Ghana, the regulating body for all electronic communications in the country. There are several mobile networks that are operating in Ghana now since the 90s. Over the years there have been changes of name, transfer of ownership and even merging of some networks.

Some of the mobile networks in Ghana include MTN Ghana, Glo Ghana, AirtelTigo, Vodafone Ghana and Expresso. Fixed Broadband Line is offered by Vodafone Ghana, formerly known as Ghana Telecom and their top competitor MTN Ghana.

Because of how unreliable fixed-line infrastructures are in Ghana, mobile phones are more widely used. Competition among the various mobile network carriers has spurred growth with a subscriber penetration rate of 98% since 2010. The poor call quality of mobile phones, however, means that more people hold more than one mobile phone, usually with two or more different mobile network carriers.

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List of Top 5 Mobile Networks in Ghana

  1. MTN Ghana
  2. Vodafone Ghana
  3. AirtelTigo
  4. Glo Ghana
  5. Expresso

MTN Ghana

What does MTN stand for? MTN is an acronym for Mobile Telecommunication Network. MTN Ghana is one of the leading telecommunication networks in Ghana. They have the highest number of subscribers in Ghana and have more than one network code. MTN Ghana network codes are 024, 054, 055 and 059.

Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone Ghana took over from OneTouch Ghana and has been performing tremendously well in the area of voice and data services. They are the second highest network with the most subscribers in Ghana. This has led to the launch of different network code by the telecommunication giant. Vodafone Ghana network codes are 020 and 050.

They offer different types of voice and data services. Some of these include Fix Broadband Internets, SMS, Voice calls, and provides support for SME's.

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AirtelTigo Ghana

AirtelTigo was formed in November 2017 from a merger between Airtel and Tigo, AirtelTigo is the third-largest Mobile Network Operator in Ghana. They have voice offers such as Unlimited Calls, All-in-one, Sunday Special Offer, and Good Morning offers. Their data packages include Big Time Data, Sika Kokoo, Night Bundles and Family Packs.

AirtelTigo network codes are 026, 056, 027, and 057 as Airtel Ghana and Tigo Ghana (formerly Buzz) have combined network codes due to the merger that happened in 2017.

Glo Ghana

Glo is a new telecommunication network in Ghana that is also gaining subscribers upon its emergence due to their cheap data and voice packages. They are the biggest in Nigeria after Airtel and are evading the Ghana telecommunication market gradually. Glo Ghana network code is 023. The company has plans to add new network codes to their current one as they expand in the Ghanaian market.

Glo Ghana provides their subscribers with Weekly Plans, Monthly Plans, Mega Data Plans, Unlimited Data Plans, Weekend Packs, Auto Renewal, and Non Auto Renewal data packages. They have the Default Tarrif, GLO Yakata, GLO Talk More, and GLO Welcome Back call offers for voice.

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Expresso Ghana

Expresso Ghana, formerly known as Kasapa is the fifth largest telecommunication network in Ghana. They have been around for a long period and provide quality data and voice services. Expresso Ghana network code is 028. Currently the company is facing crisis due to the international sanction on Sudan and due to that operations have halted.

Fixed Broadband Lines in Ghana

Apart from these top 5 Mobile Networks in Ghana and the services they provide, fixed broadband services in the country is provided by the top 2; MTN Ghana and Vodafone Ghana. Vodafone Ghana provides fixed broadband lines and internet service since its interception from Ghana Telecom whiles MTN Ghana only provides fixed broadband internet services as at the time of writing this article.

Vodafone Ghana is the sole service provider of fixed-line numbers in all the regions in Ghana. Each region is provided with an area code prefix. This had made it easy for call receivers to identify which region or area a caller is calling from just like the international dialing codes.

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Fixed-Lines in Ghana and Their Area Codes

In 2010, the National Communications Authority (NCA) of Ghana introduced a new numbering plan in Ghana to conform to international standards, and this resulted in new area codes, as well as a new 7-digit fixed line phone number for everyone in Ghana – businesses and organisations as well as residential customers.

From 1st May 2010, all Vodafone fixed line customers were updated to have new 3-digit area codes, as well as having their telephone numbers being extended to 7-digit numbers. This applied to every single fixed telephone line in the Ghana.

For instance:

  • If you currently have an Accra or Tema area code of 021 or 022, this will be changed to 030.
  • If you are in Kumasi currently with a 051 area code, this will be changed to 032. In fact, all of the Ashanti region will now use the 032 area code.

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Vodafone Fixed Line Network – New Numbering Plan since 1 May 2010.

Region Current Numbers Proposed Numbering Plan effective 1 May 2010

Ashanti Mampong

051   XXXXX
0531 XXXXX
0561 XXXXX
0565 XXXXX
0572 XXXXX
0582 XXXXX
032 20XXXXX
032 21XXXXX
032 22XXXXX
032 23XXXXX
032 24XXXXX
032 25XXXXX
 Brong Ahafo  
Dormaa Ahenkro
0632 XXXXX
0642 XXXXX
0648 XXXXX
0652 XXXXX
0653 XXXXX
0567 XXXXX
0568 XXXXX

035 20XXXXX
035 21XXXXX
035 22XXXXX
035 23XXXXX
035 24XXXXX
035 25XXXXX
035 26XXXXX
035 27XXXXX

Cape Coast
041   XXXXX
042   XXXXX
0372 XXXXX
0432 XXXXX
033 20XXXXX
033 21XXXXX
033 22XXXXX
033 23XXXXX
Akim Oda
081   XXXXX
0832 XXXXX
0842 XXXXX
0846 XXXXX
0848 XXXXX
0858 XXXXX
0863 XXXXX
0872 XXXXX
0876 XXXXX
0882 XXXXX
0251 XXXXX
034 20XXXXX
034 21XXXXX
034 31XXXXX
034 23XXXXX
034 24XXXXX
034 25XXXXX
034 26XXXXX
034 27XXXXX
034 28XXXXX
034 292XXXX
034 30XXXXX
 Greater Accra  


021   XXXXXX
022   XXXXXX
0968 XXXXX
030 35XXXXX
071   XXXXX
0715 XXXXX
0716 XXXXX
0717 XXXXX
0744 XXXXX
0746 XXXXX
0752 XXXXX
037 20XXXXX
037 21XXXXX
037 22XXXXX
037 23XXXXX
037 24XXXXX
037 25XXXXX
037 26XXXXX 
 Upper East  
072   XXXXX
0742 XXXXX
0743 XXXXX
038 20XXXXX
038 21XXXXX
038 22XXXXX
 Upper West  
Wa 0756 XXXXX 039 20XXXXX
Denu /Aflao
Keta & Akatsi
091  XXXXX
0931 XXXXX
0935 XXXXX
0936 XXXXX
0953 XXXXX
0962 XXXXX
0966 XXXXX
036 20XXXXX
036 21XXXXX
036 27XXXXX
036 23XXXXX
036 24XXXXX
036 25XXXXX
036 26XXXXX


031   XXXXX
0342 XXXXX
0345 XXXXX
0362 XXXXX
0392 XXXXX
0394 XXXXX
0395 XXXXX

031 20XXXXX
031 21XXXXX
031 22XXXXX
031 23XXXXX
031 24XXXXX
031 25XXXXX
031 26XXXXX

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