League of Pantheons Tier List – Best Characters 2023

League of Pantheons Tier List – Best Characters 2023

When utilizing the League of Pantheons Tier List to dominate, it is crucial to choose the most formidable heroes. While every hero has their strengths

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When utilizing the League of Pantheons Tier List to dominate, it is crucial to choose the most formidable heroes. While every hero has their strengths, it is important to select one that will yield the best returns for your time and effort. This is especially vital for free-to-play players who may struggle to obtain and level up heroes. Your hero selection should take into account your in-game circumstances as well as the heroes you already possess.

To enhance your account and acquire additional heroes, take advantage of the free-to-use cheat codes provided by the League of Pantheons developers. In addition, we have compiled a Clash Mini Tier List and a Raid Shadow Legends Tier List to assist you in your quest for dominance. These resources offer valuable guidelines for selecting and utilizing heroes to achieve victory.

About League of Pantheons Tier List

To ensure the utmost accuracy, the following list was generated using a premium account in impeccable condition. It is worth noting, however, that tier lists are subject to ongoing discussion due to uncontrollable variables such as hero synergy, skill probabilities, and equipment.


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Always bear in mind that the League of Pantheons Tier List aims to educate you on the most exceptional heroes, thereby enabling you to dominate and enhance your prowess.

League of Pantheons Tier List

To assist you in devising your game plan, we've compiled a comprehensive list of all characters in the latest RPG thriller and their respective tiers. Be sure to review the League of Pantheons' reroll guidelines provided near the end of the list. This detailed guide will help you to make informed decisions when playing the game. Without further delay, let's dive right in.

S Tier

These characters’ metagames are the best of all of them and help them fight more effectively. These heroes can also be combined with heroes from other tiers, as even a small number of them in your squad can increase your chances of victory.

A Tier

Even if they lack the strength to be S-tier members, these heroes still amaze us with their abilities. Nevertheless, they do have some skills and traits that can help them in combat.

B Tier


These capable warriors deliver sufficient performance to complete your squad. Some of them also allow you to put together a variety of party lineups because they are balanced and quite helpful. A and S-tier characters tend to stand out more than those on the brank of the League of Pantheons tier list 2023, but they are still generally good.

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C Tier

They have a few unique qualities, but not enough to make them more valuable than other heroes in their tier. Due to their subpar powers, heroes of the C-tier are regarded as average in the game. Although they are not inherently bad, they are also not particularly good either. When paired with S or A-tier characters, they greatly contribute and have powerful skills.

D Tier

The League of Pantheons’ D-tier heroes are the ones to stay away from. The characters in this tier are the weakest in the game and are easily outclassed by the other characters. Additionally, the offensive and defensive metrics for the rank are the worst. D-tier heroes have fewer potent attacks and take more damage, despite how they appear.

In Summary

As of present, each character in the game has been classified based on their distinctive abilities and capabilities. As previously mentioned, if you aim to remain competitive, it is advisable to kick off your journey by seeking out all S-tier heroes. Sticking to this approach will make your campaign less complicated and increase your chances of securing a high rank on the PVP leaderboard.

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Moreover, you will be eligible for various rewards and gifts. You will also have access to the latest patch releases if you continue to maintain your position among the top players in the game.

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