How to Win A Smartphone From MTN Ghana | MTN Ghana is one of the biggest telecommunication networks that serve the country with a variety of services ranging from voice to data connectivity. From time to time they introduce certain offers and promotions for their customers/subscribes to win some freebies. This year is not an exception, it’s another #SZN of freebie.

Today I am going to show you how to get to easily win a smartphone from MTN Ghana. MTN has introduced a new promo to which every Pay As You Go (PAYG) subscriber is eligible to participate. They call it the MTN Raisi Wo Level Promo. According to MTN Ghana, the MTN Raisi wo Level Promo is a usage driven points-based promotion designed to offer feature phone users an opportunity to upgrade to smartphones to enjoy total telecom experience.

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How The MTN Raisi Wo Level Promo Works

The promo will be driven mainly by usage, and by extension points gained on all usage from Data, SMS, Voice, MoMo, and VAS activities. This means that the more you make calls, browse the internet, send text messages, send and receive money using your PAYG number, the more you stand the chance of winning a brand new smartphone; the Ipro Amber 5S Smartphone.

To win this promotion, below are some points to keep in mind.

  • All eligible PAYG customers will be given unique points thresholds to meet and exceed.
  • Winner selection will be based on the percentage margin at which customers exceed their points thresholds.
  •  The top 5,000 customers who exceed their thresholds in each month will be given Ipro Amber 5S smartphone each
  •  The next 1,666 customers who exceed their thresholds in each month will receive a brand new KAIOS phone each.

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS of The MTN Raisi Wo Level Promo

  1. The promo targets all MTN PAYG customers, but winner selection,
    rankings and prizes will be available to only those who opt-in by dialling *120*1#.
  2. The minimum spends to accrue promo point is one pesewa and above.
  3. Non-voice SIM users such as MIFI, Modem, Router, etc are excluded in the promo.
  4. MTN SIMs connected to FTTH, APNs, Vehicle tracking, FBB & TurboNet are excluded from the promo.
  5. All eligible MTN customers will accrue points based on spend and usage. Thus, customers will be rewarded with 1 point for every pesewa spent on voice calls and SMS. By this, customers will earn 100 promo points for every Ghc1.00 spent on voice and SMS.
  6. To incentivize customers to use more data, a pesewa spends on data will accrue 3 points. Thus, whereas GHC1.00 spent on voice will earn 100 promo points, GHC1.00 spent on data will earn 300 promo points.
  7. To stimulate Mobile Money transactions during the promo period, customers will earn (2) two points for every pesewa paid in the form of fees or charges on all MoMo transactions.
  8. To drive the digital usage among customers, the promo will award 4 points to every pesewa spent on data (usage or bundling) on my MTN APP.
  9. Monthly prize rewards will be based on the percentage margin at which participants exceed their target points ranked from the highest percentage margin to the lowest.
  10. Usage on bundles does not accrue points. This is because payment is made at the subscription stage and not the usage stage.
  11. Usage of bonus credits do not accrue points
  12. Customers who purchase M2U and Gift bundle data receive 3 points per every pesewa paid.
  13. Recipients of Me2U and Gift bundle data purchases do not earn any points.
  14. SMS packs and IDD packs purchased under 138, 170 will attract one (1) point per pesewa and allocated promo point upfront upon purchase. Package usage will not attract an additional promo point.

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15. The following bundle purchases under 138, 567, 170, 141, 575, 5060 shortcodes will attract 3 promo points per pesewa and allocated points upfront upon purchase. Package usage will not attract a further promo point.
i. Internet packs ii. Super Saver/combo bundle iii. Flexi packs iv. Pulse

16. If a customer buys any bundle package under 138,170, 575 shortcodes for another customer, the buyer gets the points equivalent to promo usage points. Recipients of gift packages do not accrue points.

17. All network activities charged during roaming will accrue points.

18. Monthly rankings and final points computation will be based on actual usage records as recorded on the billing platform. This will ensure that all points generated via value-added subscriptions are added to the customer before rankings.

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19. The top 5,000 customers who exceed their thresholds in terms of percentage margin each month will be given Ipro Amber 5S smartphone each.

20. The next 1,666 customers who exceed their thresholds in each month will receive a brand new KAIOS phone each

21. Points accrued will be cleared at the end of each promo month. Participants will have to do fresh network activities to accrue points during the new month.

22. SIMs dedicated solely for commercial transactions by Mobile Money merchants are exempted from this promotion.

23. Me2U Voice Airtime transfers will not accrue points.

24. Extra time usage does not accrue points.

25. The table below captures the points allocations to the various usage categories:

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ACTIVITY                                                                    POINTS
1P on Voice                                                                1 point
1P on SMS                                                                  1 point
1P on all (MoMo)
fees/charges.                                                             2 points
1P on Data                                                                  3 points
Data purchase or usage
My MTN App attracts
4 points.
For an instant, a customer buys Ghc10
data via *138# USSD
and receives 3,000
points instantly. The same
customer buys Ghc10
data on My MTN but will
receive 4,000 points.
4 points
1p spend on any other
subscription apart from
the exempted ones
below                                                                           3 points
All 3PP charges equal
to or above 1 pesewa
should accrued points.                                             3 points

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Phone book
back-up                                                                            0
MBSC                                                                               0
number                                                                            0
CR7-7777                                                                        0
CRBT-1355                                                                      0
Spin the
Wheel-5040                                                                    0
Extra Time                                                                      0
Bonus Airtime                                                                0

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26. In case of a tie, priority will be given to customers with a longer tenure.
27. In case there is a tie in tenure, three months ARPU prior to promo month will be used to select a winner.

28. MTN Staff and their spouses, as well as third party agents, are exempted from this promo.
29. Selected winners need to be validated internally by RA and externally by an accredited auditing firm before an invitation is sent to deserving customers.

30. Prizes will be rolled over to the next highest in the rank after exhausting all efforts to reach the winner including calling their frequently called numbers for assistance without success in 48 hours.

31. Winners duly informed of their prizes will be given a two-week notification to claim their prize or indicate interest in the prize. If the winners selected are not available to claim the prize, such prizes will be returned to the chest and added to the prizes for the next promo.

32. All points accrued will be cleared at the end of each promo month. Participants will have to do network activities to accrue fresh points for each promo month.

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33. MTN reserves the right to disqualify a winner when it is proven that the winner used any fraudulent means to participate in the promo. Such customers will be handed over to the pólice to face the law.

34. Promo duration can be extended whenever MTN deems it appropriate.

35. Winners will be notified only by MTN authorized personnel and via the
number 0244 300 000.

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