How to Apply for GES Salary Advance

How to Apply for GES Salary Advance

Do you know that you can take a salary advance loan if you are in dire need of money? The Ghana Education Service offers all teaching staff under them

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Do you know that you can take a salary advance loan if you are in dire need of money? The Ghana Education Service offers all teaching staff under them something we call the “GES Salary Advance”.

In today's article, I will be throwing more light on what GES Salary Advance is, its benefits, and how to apply.

There are many teachers in Ghana who take loans of GHS 300 or less just to solve issues of unexpected emergencies. Getting a loan of GHS 5,00 at any bank or savings and loans company in Ghana comes with huge interest.

There are many benefits of the GES Salary Advance loan. This salary advance helps teachers to avoid high interest rates they may incur had they taken a soft loan from banks or savings and loans companies.


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In the Collective Agreement (CA) for Teaching Staff of GES, there is clear evidence that the employer (GES) gives salary advances to its workers.

What is GES Salary Advance

A salary advance is a loan you receive ahead of your monthly salary to aid you to cater for urgent needs. This is usually provided by your employee and in this case, the Ghana Education Service (GES).

You can apply for a GES Salary Advance loan. This is a two-month basic salary advance approved by management that may be paid to an employee proceeding on leave which may be recovered in twelve (12) months.

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GES Special Advance

GES may also grant special advances to members of the service in the event of verified death of an employee’s parent (father or mother), spouse, child, or in the case of theft, fire, or any disaster.

GES employees who will apply for this special salary advance may be considered for not more than two (2) months’ Special Salary Advance.


Repayment of such advance shall commence after two (2) months grace period and shall be spread over a period not exceeding twenty-four (24) months.

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How to Apply for GES Salary Advance

If you are interested and would like to request for salary advance as a GES employee follow the steps below:


Write a request for a Salary Advance letter. Make it detailed and short.


Make sure you get a cover letter from your headmaster.


Attach the letters and submit them to the GES IPP unit.

If approved you will be notified about it. Teachers whose Advance Salary loans are approved will be paid by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department.

The repayment of the salary advance is deducted from your actual salary in installments and is usually interest-free.


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Advantages of GES Salary Advance

  1. It is interest-free
  2. Repayment is in installments
  3. It is paid directly to you
  4. Very helpful in times of unexpected emergencies
  5. It's easy to repay

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