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Farmhouse Productions Premiers RUMOURS TV Series

Farmhouse Productions Premiers RUMOURS TV Series

RUMOURS TV Series, Accra - Ghana. | Farmhouse Production is well known for the educative web and tv series they entertain and educate the youth with.

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RUMOURS TV Series, Accra – Ghana. | Farmhouse Production is well known for the educative web and tv series they entertain and educate the youth with. They became a household name after the release of their first TV series – YOLO TV Series, a follow-up story about “Things We Do for Love”.

The year 2021 was an exciting one when it comes to web series. Mr. Ivan Quashigah and his team at Farmhouse Productions started the year with the introduction a new TV series known as “Stryke TV Series” whiles fans and viewers were anticipating on the release of YOLO Season Six. Stryke TV Series was a pay-per-view series since it did not receive funding from any donors or sponsors. It was followed by “The Addisons”, another interesting TV Series and they ended the year with RUMOURS TV Series.

RUMOURS TV Series is a television series just like YOLO TV Series. It’s goal is to entertain and educate the youth about spreading Rumours, its negative impact on the society and what to do when one hear a Rumour or gossip about someone.

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Synopsis of RUMOURS TV Series

The synopsis of Rumours TV Series talks about an area playboy known as Gaz whose video was recorded and leaked by his own area boys and some friends. Gaz was also betrayed by Turbo who told one of his girlfriends that Gaz is at home with another lady called Sharon. So Turbo took the opportunity to hit on the girl.

Gaz leaked video was widespread and everyone was talking about it. This made Sharon to become traumatized and wanted to leave school for good. She prepared to leave for the village but left a message on her social media wall which got people talking more about her.

How do young people receive information these days and how do they react to this information they receive? Most of these information received by young people are from social media but most of them are just rumours that will break other people down.

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Cast of RUMOURS TV Series [+Crew]

Below is the list of cast members that played different characters in the RUMOURS TV Series.

  1. Esi Hammond as Cardi Vee.
  2. Joseph Hurgeson as Gaz.
  3. Pheen Turkson as Sharon.
  4. Joseph Hanson as Turbo.
  5. Diree Efua Crentsil as Tattoo.
  6. James Kwayisi as Leslie.
  7. Ulasi Hazel-Manuela as Diane.

Producer – Ivan Quashigah.

DirectorIvan Quashigah.

Script Written by Eddie Seddoh.

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The series has already taken off with the episodes of Season 1 being premiered one after the other. Fortunately, this is not a pay-per-view series which means you can watch it online for free.

This is another Block Buster TV Series produced by Farmhouse Productions for Penplusbyte.

Watch RUMOURS TV Series Season 1 HERE!

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