Wiyaala Goes LIVE With Her Sister to Entertain Fans. | When it comes to Afrobeats from Ghana, the name Wiyaala has well represented across the globe tan any other Ghanaian artiste. Her style of doing music still stands out even though not too many people in her home country (Ghana) have shown appreciation for the gift (Wiyaala) the have.

In these hard times of the COVID-19 coronavirus, many Ghanaians and people around the world have been locked down in their homes to prevent the spread of the virus.

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Wiyaala has been going live since the president of Ghana, H.E Nana Akufo Addo issued a 1-week lockdown notice to some parts of the country. She usually comes live with her household to sing most of his songs to kill the boredom brought by the lockdown. Whiles spreading the word about the COVID-19 coronavirus, she gives you original music that will energize your soul.

It will amaze you how melodious Wiyaala’s mom sings. Fans and viewers are always asking to hear her (Wiyaala’s mom) sing whenever Wiyaala comes LIVE without her.

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Today, the Lionesses of Africa has gone live as usual to entertain fans and music lovers around the globe. Starring in today’s LIVE video with a melodious voice is her younger sister (The beautiful voice you have been hearing backing Wiyaala in her LIVE video performances). Watch as they give you amazing performances from one song to another.

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Together with her family, Wiyaala keeps entertaining thousands of people around the world every day. For more news and updates about the Lioness of Africa click HERE.

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