COVID-19 Coronavirus: How It Has Affected Our Social Life

Covid-19: How Our Social Life Has Been Affected by Coronavirus

COVID-19 Coronavirus: How It Has Affected Our Social Life | Is Corona anti-social like that? It came subtly with no hugs, no handshakes, a little distance between you and your fellow and now see where we are!. Hmmm

Our educational system is now in limbo. From universities to nursery schools. We’re all wondering what our fate is. How is our 2nd term/ semester going to end? Will we go back the same 2nd term/semester or we consider what we watch on TV (e-learning) and the various assignments the private school teachers give on WhatsApp as enough to end the term/semester when we finally get breathing space to go school. Are we forgetting that a group of students Form 3’s was supposed to be writing their final exams now? Awww, what’s going through their heads now.

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University entrance exams or WASSCE still awaits? When? As for the double track students, the least said about them the better. Do you know some people have toiled so hard to complete their programmes in school yet couldn’t graduate because of Auntie Coro, hmmm, don’t worry wai. You’ll get your certificate ok!

Healthwise, have you realized that now all our local diseases are not scarier again. It’s only COVID-19 or you are not sick. What happened to all the deadly diseases? COVID-19 conquers all. Due to the incentives, the president is giving to the frontline health workers, now private hospitals are short of staff. Police and journalists want to be called frontline workers too, eeeii boi.

Now let’s see what COVID-19 is doing to our religions. Do you see how Easter just quashed everyone’s plan? Easter paaa under lockdown!. Kwahu was quiet. I hope you remembered to still remit the old women there. Now we’re getting used to staying home without going to church. Pastors will suffer to get us back to church when Corona finally leaves.

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By the way, where’s God in all this? Ain’t we praying hard enough? Or as usual, it’s a punishment for some crime our fore forefathers committed. Or we should believe the 5G theories. Where are all the healing prophets? This is also a disease oo or anaa this is beyond your powers. How come there are a lot of people lined up hungry every day? What happened to all the offerings? Or feeding the flock is no more in the Bible. Ramadan is fast approaching. That can be done under lockdown but how about the Eid that follows? Will Mecca open her gates this year?

Economically, businesses are collapsing and a lot more will collapse. Most people staying indoors have not been paid. Most parents did not pay their wards fees before schools closed down. How do you expect proprietors to pay their workers? Only essential services are working now. The rest are not essential, how do you get a new bulb fixed if the one you are using now burns out? We’re going to die more out of hunger than COVID-19. Imagine the increase in taxes after COVID-19. Oh you thought all the free stuff the government is providing is really free?

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Politically, COVID-19 strategically chose a year where a lot of countries have elections. I saw one country postponing her elections for two years. Current presidents must be laughing in their heads and wishing we stay in this forever. Have you thought about the constitutional implications it will have on Ghana? For instance, we will need some serious constitutional amendments should we not have elections by December 7, 2020. Or you say health first?

Have you realized that selfies have reduced? Saloons have closed down. It’s gotten ugly already. How about makeups. Now we are using our real faces.

Our relationship oo hmmm and marriages. The COVID-19 coronavirus protocols has social distancing as one of its main headlines. Are husbands supposed to physically distance themselves from their wives? Eeeiii for how long? Or COVID-19 actually came to break marriages. Oh and one thing the COVID-19 coronavirus has done really well at is getting husbands to stay home. Corona you deserve a standing ovation for that. Side chicks are crying but wives are happy so that’s ok.

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The single men who are starving and feeling cold under lockdown will hurry up with their decision to marry immediately the ban is lifted. But hey, have we thought about the mental health of those living alone in this lockdown? Their thoughts? No wonder all sorts of weird lockdown challenges appear.

In all this, let’s know that our health matters. We can get all the degrees we want and live a happy social life once we have health. Let’s observe all the protocols and stay home.

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A Letter to Married Men

An Open Letter to Married Men

Husbands as we call you.
Tyrants at home, angels out there.
Stingy at home, philanthropist out there
The boss at home, babe out there
Dumb at home, romantic out there

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Very busy for matters of the home, caring and loving out there
Of all the women on earth, you decided to choose the one you married to make a home with.
What else do you want out there? Why will you shout and insult the woman you vowed before
God and witnesses yet are pampering someone out there who could be as young as your

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Your children still owe school fees, the rubber band holding your mum’s Nokia 3310 phone together
just got torn off yet you’ve bought the latex iPhone for that girl.
You claim you are so tired and doze off the moment you get home yet you have all the time to
chat and be with that girl because she’s so lonely.

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How will you feel if your sisters are treated the same way you treat your wife?
Do you know that you would enjoy more peace and good health if you spent just half of all you
spend out there on the woman keeping your home?
Have you thought about all the abortions you are paying for? What about HIV/AIDS and it’s
God is watching. I know you think you are smart so she won’t see that the low battery and mechanic names on your contact list are girls. God has seen it all.

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